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Couldn’t catch two red Cardinals play fighting though.lol

Not only did Mr. Squirrel come. But two male Cardinals decided to use our fence as an area to either fight or play fight. Still don’t know which. LOL

The one would look like he was bowed down with wings widened out.  And they would chase each other from tree to tree.

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LOL  Today I found this little guy on our fence…..Our fence I cannot believe he managed to get up there and perched, well actually slobbed out sort of…some how on the top of our fence. In various positions.

I caught two of those.  In the second one he looks like he’s getting ready to spring off on me.  Gee do you think he knows I was taking his picture. LOL

DSCN0711 DSCN0713 DSCN0718

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Found this little critter out side my window

Found this little bunny rabbit outside, heading on the other side of our fence. I barely caught a picture of him. LOL He is quick. I am still trying to get a glimpse picture of our little squirrel visitor. Still no luck yet. We do get a lot of mourning doves or robins. Heck it could be the same ones as few years back. LOL



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Baby Mourning Dove up close

ImageToday we found a baby mourning dove on our grounds. We’ve managed to snag a picture of it.   It was rather sweet watching the momma dove love her little baby.

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Pretty Mums with a cobweb and rain drops

Pretty Mums with a cobweb and rain drops

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Yes I deleted this previously But Craftsy Nominations.

I’m under Crochet and Photography

Please nominate  Tigers Crafty Crafts  https://tigerscraftycrafts.wordpress.com

and Mysterious Tigers Photography. https://mysterioustigersphotography.wordpress.com

I have deleted the original posting until I found more information today.

How it works

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How to nominate

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On October 15, we’ll announce the four nominees per category and award, and you’ll have two weeks to vote for your favorite blogs. Again, these winners will be determined by reader votes and the Craftsy Judging Panel.

On October 29, we’ll announce one Winner and one Runner-Up for each award and category, for a total of 48 honorees!


A valid email address is required to nominate or vote. You must use your own email address, and we’ll also email you to let you know when the voting round begins.

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Took some new ones.

Today little guy or girl is perched on our fence he she came back today. And is currently perched out on our patio fence. 

ImageImage This one isn’t that good but I thought I would include it anyways.

they are from what I found out also protected by The MIGRATORY BIRD TREATY ACT.  

I have not been able to determine the sex of the little bird due to it still having it’s baby feathers.  But I can from what I just saw fly off.lol 

If he she should happen to return after the loss of baby feathers I shall try in catch another photo of em.  There also was something else interesting that I learned they do return to the same place year after year. So I may see them again. 


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